The Prepared Parent

This is meant to inform and prepare you as a parent and your child for their camping experience at Little Galilee. For first time parents and campers, this should be very beneficial. You that have sent children to Little Galilee before, there are some good tips that will benefit you too.       

Ken Rutledge, Little Galilee Camp Manager

Getting Ready For Camp

Sometimes it is hard to know how you can be involved in your child’s summer camp experience since you aren’t with him/her at camp. You help with the obvious things like packing and taking them to camp, but you may not be sure what else you can do. To help, here are a few other things you can do to help your child get the most from his/her camp experience. Doing these things will help you get your camper prepared for camp and keep you involved in the process. If there is anything that the camp can do to assist you, please don’t hesitate to let us know! We are looking forward to having your child with us for this exciting time in his/her life.

My Child Is Nervous About Coming To Camp

If your child has never been to camp or away from home before, have them ask a friend to come along to make them feel more secure. Feel free to contact the camp for a tour so your child can see the camp and become familiar with it. If you have questions about the sessions of camp, please contact the camp at 217-935-3809.

Talk About Money

To include your child in paying for camp, you can give him/her extra jobs to do around the house to earn money. Talk to your child about the money that he/she will be given to take to camp for canteen time and missionary offering. There are two canteen times per day, with the maximum amount a camper can spend being $2.00 per canteen on snacks. Remember, food is not allowed in the sleeping areas, so don’t allow your child to take snacks to camp or send food. This will help keep bugs out! The Camp Store sells T-Shirts and other items. They can be purchased at check in, check out, or if you add enough money on the Canteen Card, at any Camp Store time.

Your child will also have an opportunity to give to the missionary offering on a daily basis, but many campers choose to contribute their entire designated amount on the first day so they don’t have to worry about losing it or spending it at the Camp Store. Preparing for the missionary offering is a great time to talk with your child about giving money to God for His Kingdom. 

Pack Together

We recommend involving your child in the packing so they know what is in the suitcase. We do not recommend buying new clothes for camp since your child may get them dirty or lose some things. Put a plastic bag in your child’s suitcase and ask him/her to put dirty clothes in it. General packing lists are included at the end of this newsletter. If the Dean of your child’s week of camp wants him/her to bring anything additional, they will let you know.

Taking Medicine To Camp

If you send medicines with your child to camp, do not place them in his/her suitcase. All medicines (prescription or over-the-counter) must be given to the Camp Nurse in their original containers with instructions at registration time. If your child has an inhaler, they can keep it with them. Make sure you pick up your child’s  medicine at check-out time to take home with you.

Talk to Your Child About Pictures

Your camper will be given a group picture at no cost. You may want to send a camera with your camper so he/she can capture memories on film and bring them home. Disposable cameras are an inexpensive way to equip your child with picture-power. Place your child’s name on his/her camera to ensure it doesn’t get mixed up with anyone else’s.

Bring Your Child to Camp

After one last check, load up the suitcase, bedding if they will spend the night, your camper, and head to the camp! You can find directions to the camp in the brochure or here, Do not attempt to find the camp using a GPS. It will not bring you here. Registration times are given at the end of this link. Registration won’t start early.


Campers are not allowed to use the camp phone. Cell phones are not to be brought to camp. So do not suggest to your child that they can call home if homesick. In fact, it is usually better to not focus on homesickness in your discussions before camp. If a child becomes homesick, the camp staff will work with the child to help them work through their homesickness. If you have a special situation that would require your child to call home during the week, please speak with the camp management and/or Dean at registration. 

Write to Your Camper 

Campers love to get mail! Ask family and friends to write to your child while they are at camp. There are 2 ways to get mail to your camper. Send a letter through the mail (include the camper’s name and session of camp), or leave a note on registration day. 


There is something very powerful that you can do for your child while he/she is at camp: pray! Pray for your child’s spiritual development and health while they are away. Also, pray for the camp staff and faculty.

Pick Your Child Up From Camp

Be prompt for pick up time. Pick up times for weeks that end on Friday is 6:00 p.m. and 3:45 p.m. for the camps that end on Saturday. First Chance Camp ends at 5:00 on Tuesday afternoon. For those people attending a full week of camp, if any campers made decisions to be baptized at camp, your child may want to attend the baptism at the pool, which will happen around 6:00 Friday night at the swimming pool. While you will be eager to get your child and talk with him/her, we encourage you to allow your child the extra time to support his/her fellow camper in this important decision by being present at the baptism. Remember to check the tables in the front of the Dining Hall for lost and found items and any medicine that you brought before you leave.

Welcome Your Camper Home

Be prepared for your child to be tired and a little grumpy when you pick him/her up. Going home is a sudden change of pace. They are leaving behind new friends and fun experiences. Don’t be offended if your child isn’t as happy to see you as you are to see them. Your child will appreciate extra time to rest and be excused from chores during the first day or two at home. When your child is ready to talk about their camp experience, listen closely and don’t probe too much. Ask open-ended questions to encourage your child to share (e.g. Tell us about your favorite activity at camp, Who was your favorite person at camp, etc).

Decision Making

If your child expresses a desire to be baptized while at camp, a faculty member will call you to discuss the decision. Some children may decide they want to be baptized, but wait until they get home to talk with someone about it. We will not baptize anyone without parental permission. Don’t push your child about any decision he/she might have made. You can ask questions like, “What did you think about the speakers and messages?" It is not uncommon for parents to find out about their child’s decision from someone other than their child.

What Should I Do When My Child Comes Home?

Whether your child made a decision at camp or not, your child needs to  continue a growing process once he/she comes home. We encourage you to pray for and with your child. Help them find devotional material and teach them how to study the Bible so they can have a daily quiet time with God. You could take them to a Bible book store and let them pick out a devotional book and/or Bible appropriate for his/her age group. If your child isn’t already connected with a local church, take this opportunity to find a church the whole family can attend. If the camp can help, please let us know.      

Guidelines At Little Galilee

We do not wish to burden you with excessive rules, but it is necessary that there is a common understanding of a few principles that guide Little Galilee.

Please observe the following:

1. Everyone is expected to conduct themselves in a Christ-like manner.

2. CLOTHING: Little Galilee is different from camps not planned as Christian gatherings. Please attempt to be modest in your dress. Hip hugger jeans and short shorts should be left home. Concerning the wearing of swim suits: We encourage one piece suits for girls. If girls wear a two piece and/or a french cut swim suit, a dark T-Shirt must be worn over the suit. No Speedo swim suits or tight fitting swim suits are allowed for the guys. The Camp Staff reserves the right to ask any camper to change an article of clothing that they deem inappropriate.

3. Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times except in the pool area.

4. Campers are not permitted to ride in or on any camp vehicle.

5. No one is permitted to leave the camp grounds without permission of the Dean or Manager.

6. The use of tobacco, alcohol, or drugs is strictly prohibited.

7. No snacks are allowed in the dorms. Chewing gum is not allowed.

8. Cell phones, electronics, pets etc. need to be left home.

9. Sickness or injury must be reported to the Camp Nurse. All medications must be turned in to the Nurse in their original container  at the time of the Registration procedure.

10. Defacing camp property is not allowed. Campers or their parents will be held financially responsible.

11. The Manager or Dean reserves the right to dismiss any camper for conduct or attitude that is undesirable.


Outside visitors, including parents, and/or phone calls are discouraged during camp. If a camper must be contacted, please phone the Camp. The office # is 217-935-3809. An answering machine is always on. All visitors are asked to check in at the Camp Office.


Day Camp

Register in the Activity Center Foyer from 8:15-8:45 a.m. on Saturday.  Camp ends at 3:45.

Main, Wilderness And Outpost One Night Camps

Register in the Activity Center Foyer from 6:00 - 6:45 p.m. Friday.  Eat supper before you come to camp. Camp ends at 3:45 p.m. Saturday.

First Chance Camp

Register in the Activity Center Foyer from 3:00 - 4:00 p.m. on Sunday.  Camp ends at 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday. No supper will be served on Tuesday night.

Junior  3 Main  Camp

Register in the Activity Center Foyer from 6:00-6:45 p.m. on Wednesday. Eat supper before you come to camp. Camp ends at 6:00 p.m. on Friday.

All Full Weeks Of Camp

Register in the Activity Center Foyer from 3:00 - 4:00 p.m. on Sunday. Camp ends at 6:00 p.m. on Friday.


Bible     Pen/Pencil     Notebook     Pillow     Bedding     Casual ClothingTowels/Washcloths     Swimsuit/Towel     Soap/Shampoo     Toothbrush/Paste          Comb/Brush     Flashlight     Comfortable Clothing     Sun Screen     Jacket Sweatshirt/Raincoat     Comfortable Shoes     Bug Spray

* Mission and Camp Store Money

*Note: Campers are allowed to buy 2 items at each Canteen Break and to spend a maximum of $4.00 a day at the Camp Store for snacks, for a total of $20.00 a week. There will also be a Missionary at this session of camp. They will be presenting their work to the campers. You are encouraged to send your child with a generous gift to assist the Missionary in their work.


Along with a wide variety of pop, water, candy bars, chips, and ice cream we also have a great selection of Little Galilee t-shirts and other items for you to purchase. They are very stylish and make a wonderful souvenir of your experience at Little Galilee. These items can be purchased at either the Registration time, when the parents pick up the campers, or the campers can buy them at any scheduled Camp Store times. 


Call the Camp Office at 217-935-3809. We look forward to hosting your child!

God Bless!


© Little Galilee Christian Camp 2017