Packing List

Bible    Pen/Pencil    Notebook   Pillow     Casual Clothing     Bedding

Towels/Washcloths         Swimsuit         Toiletries     Comb     Brush     Flashlight     

Comfortable Clothing   Sun Screen     Jacket              Sweatshirt     Raincoat     

Umbrella     Comfortable Shoes      Bug Spray

If you are attending Bike Camp, bring your bike and helmet with you.

If you are attending Fishing Camp, bring your pole and tackle box with you.

* Mission and Camp Store Money

*Note: Campers are allowed to buy 2 items at each Canteen Break and to spend a maximum of $4.00 a day at the Camp Store for snacks, for a total of $20.00 a week. There will also be a Missionary at this session of camp. They will be presenting their work to the campers. You are encouraged to send your child with a generous gift to assist the Missionary in their work.

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