Do you have questions? This may help answer them. If not call the Office at 217-935-3809.

1. Is the registration fee included in the total cost?

Yes. You do not pay the registration fee and then pay the full camp cost.

2. How many spots are open for each camp?

Go to the "Register Online" link.

Once the number on the right reaches 0 the camp is full. PLEASE NOTE: You need to check the availability of the Boys Side and the Girls Side for Wilderness and Outpost Camps. For example, the boys side may be full but there is room for girls.

3. How can we make sure our child can stay with and be with their friend in the same group?

The best way to do that is to show up together, preferably in the early check in time. After checking in, see the Dean and request your choice.

4. How do I register for the Mother/Daughter, Dads/Lads Retreats and the Adult Camps?

You need to print off a Registration Card off our web site and just fill out the top part of the first page for Mother/Daughter and Dads/Lads Retreat.

Print off the Adult Registration Form, fill it out and mail it in with payment for our Adult Camps.

5. My church pays a portion of the way for my child to attend Little Galilee. How do I handle that?

When you register your child, pay your portion. We will bill your church for the balance.

6. What time do I drop off and pick up my child?

Check the "Drop Off and Pick Up" link below this page.

7. What do I do if I have to bring them later or pick them up earlier than the posted times?

If you will be bringing them later then the check in window, call us at 217-935-3809 and let us know when we can expect your child.

No one will be checked in before the posted check in time.

When you bring your camper let the Dean know if you need to pick them up mid week for ball games, doctor appointments or earlier than the posted pick up time.

8. Is it OK to have someone else drop off or pick up my child?

Yes. We know that sometimes people will be Car pooling or have family members or neighbors bring them here or pick them up. When someone drops them off, let the Dean know if someone else will be picking them up.

9. What does “Is your child immersed?” mean?

It is our belief that baptism is done by immersion, (dipped below or submerged under the water), as Jesus was.

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