Canteen Card

New This Year At Little Galilee!!!

We are excited to announce a change in how Canteen will take place! All too often the Summer Staff, counselors, etc. find money left around after Canteen. When someone loses their money they suddenly become an unhappy camper. In response to this, we have developed a new system for canteen this year.  

This year instead of paying with cash we will use a Canteen Card.

We understand you may have questions. Hopefully this will help.

Q: How will I purchase my student’s Canteen Card?

A: This will now be a part of registration. Purchasing a Canteen Card before you check in at their camp will save you an extra step and time when you drop them off.

Q: Will my student be responsible for this Canteen Card?

A: No. Only our Staff will handle the Card. The campers will not see or touch them.

Q: How many items can my student get at each Canteen? How much will they cost?

A: Your child may only get 2 edible items (i.e: 1 candy bar and 1 soda, or 2 candy bars, or 2 sodas etc.) per canteen. All edible items will be $1.00.

Q: How often do campers visit the Canteen?

A: Full Week Campers visit the Canteen 10 times.

A: First Chance Main and Junior 3 Main visit the Canteen 4 times. 

A: One Night Overnight Campers visit the canteen 2 times.

A: One Day Saturday Campers visit the canteen 1 time.

Q: What is the minimum amount I can add to a Canteen Card?

A: Full week of camp: Minimum: $20.00 for edible items

A: First Chance Main and Junior 3 Main: Minimum $8.00 for edible items.  

A: One Night Overnight Camp: Minimum $4.00 for edible items.

A: Day Camp Minimum $2.00 for edible items.

Q: What is the maximum amount I can add to a Canteen Card?

A: There is no maximum amount. You are encouraged to load more money on your student’s card so they may buy LGCC souvenirs. If you purchase the minimum amount, they will have enough to buy edible items for the duration of camp only.

Q: What if there is money left on the Card at the end of camp?

A: Your camper may give the extra money to the mission for that camp, or LGCC will put it towards our 2020 Vision Campaign to build a new Dining Hall. We will NOT refund leftover Canteen Card money.

Q: Can/Should I send cash with my student to camp?

A: Please do! Missions are an integral part of LGCC programming, and we believe that teaching students to tithe is what we are called to do as followers of Jesus.

Q: Can my student pay with cash at Canteen?
A: NO, we are removing all cash from the Canteen. However, you (as a guardian) may pay with cash, check, or credit card at camp registration and parent pick-up.

*Family Camps will, for the time being, continue using cash.

We hope this has covered any questions you may have. If not, please contact us at the Office at 217-935-3809 or email us at We are diligently preparing all angles of this transition to make it as smooth as possible. All of us here at Little Galilee Christian Camp desire to see every camper have a positive and lasting impression during their stay. We ask for your support and patience as we work out all the kinks with our new system. We look forward to hosting your child this year!


Ken Rutledge                                       Max Aper

Camp Manager                                                Program Director

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