• The original 28 acres given by Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Reeser and Mr. and Mrs. Richard Reeser, all of Clinton, IL. Bill Junkins, Clinton Christian Church minister was facilitator.
  • February 26 — First Board of Directors organized


  • Lake built, Dining Hall constructed and plans approved for the first two dorms.


  • June 19 — first of two weeks conducted — total of 87 Jr. High and Sr. High campers!


  • Swimming pool and bath house constructed.


  • Geneviene Farsnsworth started helping with registrations.
  • Caretakers house built (Present Manager’s house).


  • Genevieve Farsnworth started doing all of registrations (and continues to this date — volunteer).
  • Chuck Bartlett hired as part-time program director.
  • Frank Lovett hired as part-time program director.
  • Chapel and teaching shelters constructed.


  • Boys dorm built. Jim Summy hired as part-time manager.


  • Gene Johnson called from 9-year ministry at Assumption, IL to be the first full-time manager and Isabel, his wife, to be bookkeeper.


  • Kitchen was remodeled.


  • Addition to Manager’s House.
  • Consultant from Christian Camping International hired to do long range plan.
  • January — additional 72.3 acres to the East were purchased.
  • September — additional 127.8 acre farm to the West purchased — total now 228 acres.


  • Wilderness Camp started


  • August — Three Oaks Lodge dedicated with a combined service celebrating 25 years of camping at Little Galilee. The faith and commitment of God’s people has been rewarded once again. Cost of Lodge, $136,000; appraised at $262,000!


  • Major renovations of all septic sewage systems and incoming water supply.
  • Loan for $230,000 made to pay for the renovation and to consolidate the $65,000 remaining on the land purchase and also to repay Clinton Christian a $63,000 loan on Three Oaks Lodge.
  • Early summer Kevin Peterson hired part-time to assist with facilities and grounds care.
  • September — Kevin placed on full-time status.


  • A $300,000 Capital Fund Campaign is launched to pay off loan and accrued interest over a three year period. (note was burned at a celebration service in January, 1988)
  • Utility building and offices built.


  • First issue of the Galilean printed.


  • Booster Club (now Kingdom Builders) started.
  • Wilderness Camp renovated
  • Outpost Camp started.
  • Area Men’s Fellowship pay for basketball court project. (One of many projects by this faithful group.)


  • Long Range Plan revisited.


  • Roads upgraded.
  • Farm house remodeled for Kevin Peterson and family residence.
  • Eugene Stephens upgraded electrical service — all buildings. (89-91)


  • April — Untimely death of Manager, Gene Johnson. Kevin Peterson named to interim Manager, Isabel would remain the bookkeeper.
  • Blair Wagner is called from Rock River Christian Camp, Polo, Il to become our second full-time Manager (moved in Feb. ‘90).


  • Long Range Plans made and prioritized.


  • Outpost Camp moved to present location.


  • Chapel upgraded.


  • Plans being considered for a new pool and bath house back in the Lodge area.


  • $750,000 bond issue sold to finance this major project, plus the installation of about one half of the utilities necessary for the long range expansion plans of the camp.
  • Dining Hall addition


  • Old bath house converted to staff quarters.


  • September — Bob Philips concluded an 18 1/2 year ministry at Champaign First Christian to become the Development Director for the camp.
  • Long Range Plan revisited by the Executive Board.
  • December — Blair Wagner resigns as Camp Manager.
  • December 31 — Isabel Johnson retires, having concluded 25 years as Bookkeeper.


  • January — Camp Manager Search Committee is appointed.
  • March 1 — Ken Rutledge is called to be the third full-time Little Galilee Camp Manager.
  • In 2000, refinanced the debt and paid off the bonds.
  • In November of 2000, the camp launched the "Debt Free in 2003" and Larger Vision Campaign.
  • In 2001 John Turney became the part time Assistant Facilities Manager.
  • In 2002 the camp launched "The Friends of Gideons Club" to help with the "Debt Free in 2003 and the Larger Vision Campaign.
  • In 2002 Sid Foulke was called to be the part time Director of Financial Resources specializing in Estate Planning, assisted by his wife, Nancy.
  • In October of 2002 a major gift, a brick duplex in Urbana was received.
  • In November of 2002 the mortgage was eliminated, one year early! PTL!
  • In December of 2002 we transitioned into the "Larger Vision" phase of the capital campaign.
  • The Executive Board accepted the plans for a new Activity Center. The collection of funds began. The Board committed to build this facility debt free!
  • In 2004 construction was started on the Activity Center.
  • In December of 2004 Dana Dann concluded her work as Office Manager.
  • January, 2005 Beverly Angel began working here as the Office Manager.
  • On September 4th, 2005 at 2:30 PM, we dedicated the Activity Center, DEBT FREE! PTL! Praise God for those who CAUGHT THE VISION! The cost was $650,000 and appraised at $1,300,000! God is good!
  • The Activity Center was used for the 2006 camping season. It is a wonderful facility!
  • In 2006 the plans were launched to build the first of four year round use cabins, debt free!
  • In February of 2007 Sid Foulke adjust his schedule to to be an Estate Planning Consultant and be on call as needed.
  • In the fall of 2007 construction begins on the first cabin, Love.
  • In November of 2007 a major gift was received to insure the Love Cabin would be finished sooner Debt Free!
  • In May of 2009 the Love Cabin was completed and used for the first time!
  • In 2009 construction on cabins two and three began, Joy and Peace!
  • In 2010 the Joy and Peace Cabins were finished and used by our Main Campers.
  • In 2010 the Patience Cabin construction began, It should be ready by the 2011 camp season.
  • In September, 2010, after 52 years of faithful service, Genevieve Farnsworth concluded her service as our volunteer Registrar due to health reasons.
  • In the fall of 2010 the renovation began on Girls Dorm 2 to meet other needs
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