Area Men's Fellowship

Area Men's Fellowship

     The Area Men's Fellowship meets on the first Tuesday of each month unless that Tuesday falls on a holiday. In that case the meeting is moved to the first Thursday of the month or the second Tuesday of the month depending on what the church wants to do. 

     In December the Kenney meeting will start at 7:00. In 2018, all meetings will start at 6:30. There will be a delicious meal followed by short business meeting and a program which is chosen by the host church. An offering will be taken to support the ministry of Little Galilee. Our goal is to have the AMF last no later than 1 1/2 hours. All men are invited!

     Here are the meeting locations. If you have questions, call the camp at 217-935-3809.

January  4 *** - First Christian Church, Clinton

February 6  - Heyworth Christian Church

March 6 - Le Roy Christian Church

April 3 - Lane Christian Church

May 1 - Little Galilee Christian Camp, Clinton

June 5 - Monticello Christian Church

July 10 ***Wapella Christian Church

August 7 - College Park Christian Church, Normal

September 4 - First Christian Church, Clinton

October 2 - Saybrook Christian Church

November 6 - Texas Christian Church

December 5, 2017 & December 4 in 2018 - Kenney Christian Church

*** Adjusted Date

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