2018 Retreats

       I know summer is a LONG way off and you probably wish you could come to camp before summer. WELL, I HAVE GREAT NEWS FOR YOU!! You can!! We are having Camp Retreats on select dates on Friday night and Saturday. If you have friends in the listed grades that didn’t come to camp and you want to invite them to come with you, do so! This Retreat is limited to the first 100 people that sign up. It is very important that you register as soon as you can to be able to come!

       The cost for this Retreat is only $20. All you need to bring  is your Bible, bedding, pajamas, toiletries and a change of clothes. You will be sleeping in one of the Cabins or the Lodge. Bring warm clothes to walk between the buildings. Most of the activities will take place in the Activity Center. Registration begins at 6:15 Friday night. We will have snacks Friday night, but you should eat supper before you come. The Retreat will end at 3:30 on Saturday. Check in at the Activity Center Foyer, the same place you check in during the summer.

       To go to this Retreat you need to complete the form you received in the mail or the bottom of this Camp Retreat Form and return it with your money. The deadline for us to have the registrations is the Wednesday before the Retreat to give us time to buy the food. We can not accept people who show up without pre-registering or we will not have enough food on hand or maybe not enough beds. 

       I look forward to seeing you soon! Parents, if have questions about the Camp Retreat, feel free to email me at lgcc1955@gmail.com or call the Office at 217-935-3809. 


God Bless!         

Ken Rutledge - Little Galilee Christian Camp Manager

P.S. Plans are underway for a GREAT summer at Little Galilee.


Circle the camp you are registering for. Please print off this form and mail the information section to us at 7539 Little Galilee Road, Clinton, IL 61727 with your $20 payment.

1st, 2nd, 3rd Grade Retreat: May 11,12                   4th & 5th Grade Retreat: April 6,7

6th, 7th & 8th Grade Retreat: April 27,28                High School Retreat: February 9,10                                            

Camper Name: ____________________________________________________________________

Grade:___________   Will This Be Their 1st Time Coming To Little Galilee?     Yes     No

Address: ______________________________________________________________________ 


Zip Code: __________ Church Name: ___________________________________________________

Parent Phone #: _________________________________________

Parent Email Address: _______________________________________________________________

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